Friday, June 26, 2015


Wow, been a long time since I have written. I have been trying to remember my password and email to get back to my writings, and just by an error I stumbled across it. Which brings me to write something just to let my mind ramble. can be a splendid thing to us all. For me, it has been time to reflect on myself and gather my thoughts of my past, my present and glimpses of my future. It has been a tough few years to keep things in, the stitches that have held me together. The seams a bit frayed, but the fabric of time still intact. The memories flood to only ebb with the waves to change the terrain. Molding me into stronger currents of the shore. Ever changing my scenery. Filling me, then only leaving the shores of my soul refreshed and blank as a canvas that surrounds me.

Time....let the breeze come and sweep across my face to only die down to let the rays of bright illuminate me. Dancing a swirling, that only the butterflies seem to know the dance, allowing my soul to erupt through the earth, to bare the roots of new growth. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine to push forth the beauty that has been seeded for so long.

Time.....yes, my dear, it is Time.