Monday, August 5, 2013

Direct me to the edge....

We all ask for directions once in a have some difficulties in stopping and asking for directions. *I know all to well about the scenic route....taken it a time or two with my husband* But us women.....we are bold and have no regrets, we admit when we are lost and have no problems in stopping to ask for directions. This happened to me today in fact....

A damsel in distress had admitted to her lost attempts and went to seek out someone to put her on the right path. With a grin....I pointed her in the right direction and off she went.....easy peasy.

Now, why is it we have a hard time asking for direction in our own life? Could it be that we are just too proud? Or do we think we know what is best for us? Wouldn't stopping and asking for direction be easier?

In our lives we do this all the time.....we run into an area of our lives and we know we are taking the wrong turns. But yet, we ignore that voice in our head that tells us that we need help. 'Just stop" it implores. "Ask for help" it says.

Why? Why do we do this? Because....because we are afraid. Reason? Because we have usually been hurt so many times when we have reached out for help. The constant bashing we have taken has made us fear each other. To shy away from one another. The one thing that can save us from the edges of a wrong turn....are others who could help.

But, we have chosen to take what we share with each other and use it against us, to harm berate and belittle us for their own advancement.

You can't even walk down the street and look at someone without they assuming that you are looking at them with some sort of hatred or disgust. A person just waving to you can be construed as something of a gang sign....or taken as you flipping them off.

When in fact, walking down the street you have made mental note of some incident that is badly going wrong in your life and you just happened to frown when that car past...or person walking by. *I have done this many of times....and believe me.....I have gotten alot of sign language...obscene banter that is totally unwarranted.* You just may end up on the wrong side of things

Where did it all go wrong, when did people observe and make decisions about what you are thinking about them.....*I was just walking here*...people get shot for just asking directions...people get shot for just looking the way they do.....people get beat up, stabbed, and throw shit someone just making the wrong turn about your directional walking.

This has led us to the one can look at anyone anymore. We can't ask for directions, because we are scared. In so many ways.

Understand, I am not saying that is happens everywhere....but it happens in so many places now days.

I had to thwart my daughter, when she was younger, just for this action. One day, when a woman mouthed some colorful words in the car next to us, which she just so happened upon my daughter's gaze, this was my daughter's assumption. But when I looked at the woman....she was singing at the top of her lungs in her air conditioned car to the song in which I knew all to well cause I had sang them in my air conditioned car many times before. That is when I first observed was then I explained to my daughter. 'Never makes an arse out of you and me'

That is why we don't ask for direction in our lives....all because of the assumptions.....sad isn't it?

Their are so many of us out there, just waiting to ask for directions.....but we have to be so careful that the assumptions out way the benefits of getting the right directions. The risks to do so, are way too hard to gamble with....because we have so much to loose. So what happens? We keep going the wrong direction and find ourselves at the edge.

We become farther and farther torn apart form stopping and doing the right thing and asking for directions in our lives. No where to turn and no GPS system to help us...*sorry 'TomTom'* There are no maps to show us to our proper destinations. We find ourselves lost.....

So we must face and suffer the effects....finding ourselves at the edge.....with no directions to the place we want to be.....

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