Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eye of the Beholder

We all know the saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".....but what would you say in return? For me, I would say back "Behold the Eye of Beauty".

I see it all the a small child's smile. A mother and child's embrace. Husband and wife, holding hands walking down the path. An elderly couple snuggling together like it is their first date. These all just the awe-factors in life and yes we all see that.

But, what about the beauty that hides behind the eyes of a beautiful person. We see them all the time, but yet we only look at the outer beauty. But why? Could it be that we have guarded ourselves so much that we have forgotten how to see it?

I have many beautiful friends....of the vain kind. Those who spend way too much time in the bathroom primping to no only come out and say "I give up!" They go to the closet to find the right outfit for the right occasion to only come out after trying everything on, exclaiming: "I give up!"

*Smacks forehead*.....that's it.....there is the answer to my question. Why do we not look past the outer beauty? Because we give up on it.

We are so hung up on the outer beauty that the inner beauty has not one chance to manifest itself! Think on that one for a moment.......*looks at watch.....looks about the room.....goes to get mail.....comes back* Now ask you look for the beauty within? or do you look for the makeup, right clothes, plastic surgery or even their false kindness?

I know one lady who keeps getting it wrong with men....she has always looked at what is on the outside of the package. But yet those with inner beauty...she keeps as friends because they are not outwardly attractive. With many men in her wake, two marriages, one done and over with and the current one on the verge of collapse...she has missed the mark of the beauty of that soul...the one, I know would make her eternally happy in her life. This pains me when I talk to her....I want to yell and scream....just look how handsome he is....referring to his inner may not be a drop dead looker, but hey....he is a catch! I love her eternally, known her since she was 9 and when I met her I was only 19. I have gone thru the good times and the bad times. And, yes, I have given her my advice on the guys she has dated....and married. Told her many times, the ones that I have seen the inner beauty that would make her happy, are the keepers. But, yet she tells me she isn't physically attracted to them because they are not outwardly beautiful to her. It is so frustrating to me.

We walk past beauty all the time, and we miss the mark.

Then there is the beauty that I look for....I look inside the eyes of that person...and I see wondrous things that has made them who they are.

I am the kind who sees the whole package and wants to just rip the outer packaging and delve into the beauty of the inner soul...Wonder at the glory of this person who I have deemed worthy of the Eye of the Beholder, so to speak. It is that beauty that makes me happy...makes me want to be near them and find the fun that they will share with me, and make many memories in its wake.

I will admit...taking a leap of faith so to speak to get to see that soul is sometimes hard for me to do. But, with some hesitation and some encouragement, I make the effort. Sometimes, it will take someone who will tap me on the shoulder and say...hey..over here...don't be afraid.

So, where is your Eye? Do you look at the outer wrappings, the pretty paper that the soul is wrapped in? or do you look for the whole inner package? If you are the one who is looking at the outer packaging....stop and embrace the inner beauty of everyone. Look past past that outer just might find a diamond amongst the lumps of coal.

If you know me....then you know I have found a many of diamonds. So smile, the Eye of the Beholder is upon you.


  1. I love your honesty. I am Elizabeth Taylor of the modern age :)

  2. are an absolute nut you know that. And thank you. I am trying to be open and honest as I was good to talk to you this morning! Luv you and miss you!